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The Civil Department is responsible for handling general civil cases seeking money judgments. The Civil Department is broken down into two branches; the Civil Department, which handles cases seeking monetary damages of $15,000.00 or less; and the Small Claims Department, which handles cases seeking money judgments of $6,000.00 or less. The Civil Department is also responsible for forcible entry and detainer cases (commonly known as evictions), applications for Trusteeship and Rent Escrow deposits. New civil cases, including any subsequent pleadings, motions or post-judgment executions (such as wage garnishments or bank attachments) are filed with the Civil Department. Hearings on civil cases will be scheduled, continued or re-scheduled by the Civil Department.

Corporations appearing in the Berea Municipal Court are required to be represented by counsel in court appearances and pleadings, including Small Claims cases, eviction proceedings and post-judgment executions.

Rules of Court
Eviction Procedures
Civil Court Costs
Objection to Magistrates Decision

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