Berea Municipal Court · Docket Entry
Entry DateFull Entry
10/31/2022 Warrant Block Release Sent to BMV
10/21/2022 Sentencing JE Notice Sent Volume 1 Page 5300
10/21/2022 Finding of DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE entered for 4510.21 - DUS-FAILURE TO REINSTATE
10/21/2022 The defendant appeared in open court and was advised of the nature of the charge, possible penalties, right to counsel, right to jury/court trial, other rights and the various pleas available.The defendant thereafter entered a plea of NO PLEA to the charge. The court entered a finding of DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE to the charge.It is ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED that the defendant is found DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE of DUS-FAILURE TO REINSTATEORC/CO 4510.21
10/21/2022 WARRANT W/D FORM Notice Sent
10/21/2022 Warrant for ARRAIGNMENT Confirmed On 10/21/2022
10/3/2022 Filed by Defendant per R.C. 2941.401 OR R.C. 2963.30(IAD) Notice of Place of Imprisonment, Request for Disposition, Request for Assigned Counsel
12/6/2021 WARRANT BLOCK PROCESSING FEE of $15.00 assessed
12/6/2021 Warrant Block Sent to BMV
11/30/2021 Warrant Notice Sent
11/30/2021 NOTICE FEE of $50.00 assessed
11/30/2021 Warrant issued for ARRAIGNMENT on 11/30/2021
11/30/2021 Plea of NO PLEA entered on 11/30/2021
11/30/2021 Finding of NOT AVAILABLE entered for 4510.21 - DUS-FAILURE TO REINSTATE
11/22/2021 Case Filed on 11/22/2021
11/22/2021 ARRAIGNMENT set for 11/29/2021 at 09:00 AM in room 1