Berea Municipal Court · Docket Entry
Entry DateFull Entry
7/29/2019 Journal Entry Notice Sent Volume 1 Page 5471
7/29/2019 Notice of Availability reviewed. Request for Completion of Case in Absentia is denied. The case involves a victim whom has the right to be notified and present during all court hearings.
7/5/2019 Written MOTION FOR PLEA IN ABSTENTIA filed by Defendant on 07/05/2019
3/4/2019 WARRANT BLOCK PROCESSING FEE of $15.00 assessed
3/4/2019 Warrant Block Sent to BMV
3/1/2019 NOTICE FEE of $50.00 assessed
3/1/2019 Warrant Notice Sent
3/1/2019 Warrant issued for WARRANT ON COMPLAINT on 03/01/2019
2/28/2019 Plea of NO PLEA entered on 02/28/2019
2/28/2019 Finding of NOT AVAILABLE entered for 2919.27 - VIOLATING PROTECTION ORDER
2/15/2019 Upon review of information provided by Berea PD defendant was released on a Medical Furlough and has failed to return, warrant on complaint to be issued.
2/6/2019 Case Filed on 02/06/2019
2/6/2019 ARRAIGNMENT set for 02/06/2019 at 09:00 AM in room 1