Berea Municipal Court · Docket Entry
The defendant appeared in open court and was advised of the nature of the charge, possible penalties, right to counsel, right to jury/court trial, other rights and the various pleas available.The defendant thereafter entered a plea of GUILTY to the charge. The court entered a finding of GUILTY/SUSP F & C to the charge.It is ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED that the defendant is found GUILTY/SUSP F & C of ATTEMPTED SEXUAL IMPOSITIONORC/CO 2923.02, and is sentenced as follows:1) A fine of $150.00 plus all costs $150.00 of fine suspended 2) A jail sentence of 90 Day(s) to be scheduled by the Traffic/Probation office. Jail time consecutive with other case(s) sentenced. 3) Credit the following number of days jail served at the Police Department: 29 Day(s). 4) Remove GPS. 5) defendant register as sex offender