Berea Municipal Court · Docket Entry
The defendant appeared in open court and was advised of the nature of the charge, possible penalties, right to counsel, right to jury/court trial, other rights and the various pleas available.The defendant thereafter entered a plea of NO CONTEST to the charge. The court entered a finding of GUILTY to the charge.It is ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED that the defendant is found GUILTY of DOMESTIC VIOLENCEORC/CO 2919.25A, and is sentenced as follows:1) A fine of $75.00 plus all costs 2) A jail sentence of 10 Day(s) to be scheduled by the Traffic/Probation office. Jail time consecutive with other case(s) sentenced.3) Defendant shall be placed on Basic 1 Yr Probation. 4) Court to allow defendant to perform Community Service Work at 1 day of jail for every 10 hours worked in lieu of the following number of days jail: 8 day(s). 5) Credit the following number of days jail served at the Police Department: 2 Day(s). 6) Complete the following Assessment(s) and follow all recommendations: Substance Abuse assessment(s). 7) Complete the following Program(s): Tier 2 Domestic Violence program(s). 8) To remain a law abiding citizen, with no further Criminal or Traffic Offenses. 9) Follow all rules and regulations of Probation. All Probation Conditions set forth are to run concurrent with the charges sentenced on this date. 10) Comply/complete all programs/treatment ordered by Probation Officer. 11) You are ordered to take and pass random drug and/or alcohol testing as ordered by your Probation Officer. The tests will be at your expense. 12) Defendant advised that failure to comply with any and all conditions of Probation will result in the imposition of the maximum penalties allowed under the charge of which defendant was convicted.