Berea Municipal Court · Docket Entry
Defendant in court: [_x_] Defendant arraigned on Probation Violation. Defendant was read and acknowledges receipt of the Probation Complaint. [_x_] Defendant waives formal reading of Complaint. [_x_] Right to Counsel and Court appointed Counsel advisement given; [_x_] Defendant requests court appointed Counsel; defendant [_x_] is found to be indigent and the court appoints___________Hamey________ [_x_] Hearing Held; based on the evidence, defendant found to be a Probation Violator by substantial evidence. [_x_] Admission [_x_] Failed to report to Probation Appointment(s). (4/19) [_x_] Failed to complete following conditions of Probation ___D/A test missed (4/19), (5/19), (6/19)______________ Defendant is sentenced as follows: [_x_] Continuation of Probation to: __02/08/2021______; on original terms and conditions. [_x_] __30__ days of EMHA to be installed within __7__ days [_x_] ___Substance Abuse___ Assessment and complete all recommendations. [_x_] OTHER:______Defendent to be tested 1x per month for 12 months__________ IT IS SO ORDERED