Berea Municipal Court · Docket Entry
In the Berea Municipal Court, Cuyahoga County, Ohio 11 Berea Commons, Berea, OH 44017 Phone 440-826-5862 Fax 234-2768 State of Ohio / STRONGSVILLE Case No: 16CRB01798 - 1 STRONGSVILLE vs. JOURNAL ENTRY Probation Violation KIMBERLY R CLARKE Defendant Date: 3/28/19 Offense: 2923.02 ATTEMPTED POSSESSION OF DRUGS (M1) Offense Date:06/27/2016 Defendant in court: [_X_] Defendant arraigned on Probation Violation. Defendant was read and acknowledges receipt of the Probation Complaint. [_X_] Defendant waives formal reading of Complaint. [_X_] Right to Counsel and Court appointed Counsel advisement given; [_X_] Defendant requests court appointed Counsel; defendant [_X_] is found to be indigent and the court appoints_Williams [_X_] Hearing Held; based on the evidence, defendant found to be a Probation Violator by substantial evidence. [_X_] Admission [_X_] Failed to report to Probation Appointment(s). [_X_] Failed to complete following conditions of Probation a) SIP b) 30hrs CSW c0 Failed to take drug/alc test 5/17 Defendant is sentenced as follows: 3 days jail, credit 3 days served [_X_] Continuation of Probation to: _2/8/2020; on original terms and conditions. [_X_] OTHER: DEF to be tested by tomorrow. Test1 time per month for next 6 months IT IS SO ORDERED ______Chris Greene______________________________ JUDGE/MAGISTRATE Volume 1 Page 2254